Floor plan

Yeah, orderbird has a floor plan from version 5 onwards! Remember, only when all your devices are flying on the new orderbird version, you can use the floor plan. So, please gather all of your devices and install the update on each of them.

Where can I find the floor plan?

Open the “Orderpad”. In the middle of the upper navigation bar, you will find a button labeled "floor plan". Tap on it.


Create your floor plan

How do I edit the floor plan?

Click on "Edit" in the upper right corner to change the layout of the floor plan. You can now see the table grid in editing mode.


How do I create a new table?

Click on an empty table in the grid on the right. The app will ask you to assign a table number. 


At the top of the settings on the left side you can now see the table number of the table you are working on. You can adjust the newly created table in size and shape.



 How do I adjust the shape of a table?

You can create all kinds of table formations: round, L-shaped, U-shaped, long tables, etc. Simply click on the tables framed in blue that are adjacent to the table your are currently editing. They will then be added to the shape of the table.


How can I change the number of a table?

Tap on "Change table number" on the left and enter the new number.

How can I add a round table / rounded corners?

Tap "Rounded" on the left, and your table will become round. Table formations will receive rounded corners.


I want to push together several tables to make one long table. How to?

Tap on a table framed in blue that is adjacent to the table your are currently editing. It will then be added to make the table longer. Rinse and repeat as necessary. :) 

How can I delete a table?

Select the table you want to delete, then tap “Delete” on the left. Confirm that you really want to delete the table. This way, you can also remove individual tables from table groups.

How do I adjust the number of tables displayed on the floor plan?

The smallest grid for the floor plan is with 5 by 5 tables. You can enlarge this to a maximum of 15 by 15 tables. Tap on "+" until you reach the desired size, or "-" to reduce the grid size.

How do I save my floor plan?

When you are finished editing the floor plan, tap "Done" in the upper right corner. That's it. :)


 Working with the floor plan

How can I book an order on a table via the floor plan?

Just tap on the table and you can take an order as usual. Tables with a booked order appear in blue. Once a table is billed and open again, its colour returns to white.

I would like to push together several tables during my shift spontaneously. Can I make changes to the floor plan just like that?

Sure thing! Call up the floor plan and click on "Edit" in the upper right corner. Now you can customize the floor plan according to your wishes. Do not forget to tap "Done" to save your changes and to synchronize them to all your devices.

And where did you hide the floor plan on the iPod / iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is now floor plan for the iPod / iPhone. The display of these devices is just too small for that. Hence, it is only available on the iPad.

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