orderbird App version 5 - New features, new design

The new orderbird Version 5 will be available soon with 3 brand new features:

In addition to these features, we reviewed the order list and optimised its design for more intuitive use.


The new design of the order list 

Take a look at the new order list. At the top you have the table number (or table name) and the info if the order list contains unsent positions:

  • all orders are sent: “leave” is written under the table number
  • there are still unsent orders in the list: “send” is written under the table number and the number in front of the unsent item appears in green with a “+”.

You can leave the table by tapping on this button.

Under the table number, you will find the familiar functions for dividing a table into parties and for booking items to another table.

Further down it goes on with the ordered items and - if activated - the options for the course control.

At the end of the order list, we updated the symbols and where to find them:

  • Down on the left, you can find the new symbols for “in house”  and “to go” . The symbols are now easier to identify, which helps to avoid confusion when using them.
  • In the middle we’ve put the payment options as three white dots . Just tap on them to find additional options, like splitting the bill, entering a tip, using differing payment types, etc.
  • The last button in the row is for fast payment. It has been moved from the left side to the right, but its function is still the same: If you want to bill the table quickly with you standard payment option, just click on this button.

So why did you give the order list a makeover?

We redesigned the order list to make your daily work easier and more intuitive. You can type in orders quicker than before, it has become easier to keep an overview of the items booked on a table, and you can cash your guests no-fuss.

Have fun with the new orderbird version!

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