Basic information about shifts

There is always one shift in which several operators work (they each have a PIN code which they use to log into the cash register alternately). We recommend always running one shift per day. An individual shift report is created for each operator working in this shift. In addition, a "Shift report for all waiters" is created, where the combined sales of all operators can be viewed directly. 

A shift is started automatically when the first order is made. Everything which is ordered and paid for from now on will appear in the report for this shift. When all the tables are closed or all of the invoices have been paid, your shift can be finished. In order to finish a shift, make sure that all tables have been paid! Then go to "Shift" in the main menu and click on "Remove device from shift" or "Close day". This is only possible for the administrator or an operator who has been authorized.

Your financial data is sent to my.orderbird in real time. As soon as you have finished a shift, a (Z) shift report is generated on my.orderbird, which is then also available to you in the app. 


Monthly Report

The monthly report shows the combined report of all shifts from the respective month. The monthly report is available to you as a CSV or PDF download on my.orderbird. In addition, you can also view and download the report in a weekly or yearly format.



Daily Reports

The daily report shows the shift from the respective day. If a number of shifts have been started and finished again on one day, these are combined in the daily report. The time a shift starts is always relevant for the daily report.

Here is an example:
The early shift starts at 9 a.m. and finishes at 4 p.m. Then the late shift starts. So, if you want to do a cash check when changing shifts, it is recommended that you close the shift on the iPad. This has Z report number 1, for example. As soon as the late shift enters its first article, the second shift with Z report number 2 starts. As both shifts started on the same day, the turnover for both shifts is combined in the daily report and this daily report is given Z report number 1-2. 

Daily reports can be seen in the app or alternatively in a detailed view including an overview of items sold and much more through the account. There you have also the option of downloading the daily report as a PDF or CSV file.



Shift Reports

Under "Shift", the current, open shift is displayed.  Here you can either view the shift report for all waiters or the shift report for each waiter individually.

All previous shifts, as well as the current, open shift are shown under "Shift Reports". If you finish your shift, then this report is automatically stored on your device. The shift report always has a start and an end time, this makes it into a Z-report (Z-counter). The Z-counter numbers the shift reports in chronological order. If your shift is unfinished, then there is an X is in place of the Z, as this is an interim report.

Shift reports can be seen in the app or alternatively in a detailed view including an overview of items sold and much more through the account. There you have also the option of downloading the shift report as a PDF or CSV file.



Device Report

The Device Report (or Waiter Report) gives you an overview of how much turnover has been made during the shift. It is also available even if you are not currently online. The device report is, however, not tax office compliant, as taxes are not included in this report. 



The journal records all the processes and transactions of the cash register. Entries cannot be amended and provide an overview of your activities during business hours. The journal can be found on the orderbird POS homepage.

It helps you to keep an overview and to understand transactions which are not self-evident from the shift reports. For example, you can monitor in the journal which users log on and log off at what time, whether the cash drawer has been opened, what has been voided when and much more.

Entries are sorted chronologically by date and time and cannot be amended. You can however browse the journal by clicking on the magnifying glass icon with a blue background. Simply enter a search term, and sort the entries according to the filters "All", "Text" and "Users".


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