printer settings in the app

Setting up the printer

First, make sure that your iPad / iPod is connected to the same WLAN as the printer (in most cases the name contains the phrase "orderbird WiFi"). You can check the WLAN connection in Device Settings under the menu item "WLAN". 

Then you open the app and tap on Settings - Printer. All the printers stored in the app are listed there. You also have the option of creating another printer by pressing the + sign at bottom right. We always create 2 printers by default. 

In order to activate a printer, click on the printer name and check the active box. Then click on the field "Obtain IP address automatically".



The app then automatically searches for all the printers and displays them in a new window. Select a printer from the overview and this is then stored as a printer in the app settings.



After you have selected a printer from the "Available printers" window, you are returned to the printer settings in the app. From there you can start a test print in the lower right side of the screen in order to check that the printer in your restaurant is also set up in the right place - if not you can assign another printer from the IP field.



 Specifying invoice printers


You can highlight several printers as invoice printers. The printers are assigned via the tables. You can now assign a printer to each table under Settings → Tables. Simply click the Edit button at the top and drag the tables below the respective printer displayed. (See picture)




Warning – this ONLY applies to the invoices. Which items are printed on which printer still depends on which product group has been assigned to which printer. (See picture) You have the option, however, of printing items from certain product groups on several printers. Simply select multiple printers. 



If you click on the printer name you can also set the type of receipt. There are 3 different types of receipt (see picture 1)

  • Single receipt: 1 receipt is printed for each item booked
  • Item receipt: the same items (e.g. 2x cola) are printed on one receipt, otherwise also 1 receipt per item
  • Table receipt: All of the items which were booked on a table, are added together on one receipt



You can select several types of receipt simultaneously, but the same type of receipt cannot be printed 2x for the same order. i.e. Table receipt + Item receipt is possible for one order, 2 Table receipts for one order is not possible. Unless you use a virtual printer - for explanation see below.


Food & drinks on separate receipts

If you only have one printer, but still want one receipt (table receipt) for drinks and a separate one for food, you can create virtual printers.

To do this go to Settings → Printers and create a second printer. Call this one Kitchen Printer for example and the first one Drinks Printer. Make sure that the 2nd printer has the same IP address as the first. (See picture)

Now you only have to go into the menu card and assign each product group to the correct printer.



Now, if you have set table receipt for both printers, you will get 1 receipt upon which all the food from an order is printed and another receipt with all the drinks from that order.


Printer error handling 

You can make your printer speak under Settings → Receipt printing. We have installed a new error handling system in the printer driver, which warns you if

  • there is no paper
  • the printer is not available
  • there is an error on the printer
  • the door is open
  • the receipt / the invoice has not been fully printed (printing is repeated - subsequent printing)

In the app, the connection indicator (bar across the order pad) shows you whether there is a connection to the printer. Green bar: connection exists; red bar: connection interrupted. In addition, you will receive messages outside of the app if receipts have not yet been printed. Simply check the boxes "Badge" and "Display note". In these settings you can also decide whether free-of-charge items appear on the invoice or not. 



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