Create your menu and order flows with the orderbird menu template

You've booked our service "Onboarding" or "Menu Editing" and now you want to upload your menu to your orderbird register? You can do this with our template. The template is available as a Word and as an Excel document. Please download the file in your preferred format to your computer or laptop to create your menu.

Where can I find the template?

Here! :) Please choose the format you prefer to work with:

Excel2013FileIcon.png MS_word_DOC_icon.svg
Excel Word

How do I open the template?

The template works best in Microsoft Excel or Word. Alternatively, you can also use LibreOffice, it is free software! You can download LibreOffice here for free and install it on your computer or laptop.

How do I fill in the template?

There is a short example in the template explaining how to use it. Just download the file to your computer or laptop and take a look at it.

I’ve successfully created my menu and order flows. What’s next?

Send us the file by e-mail to We’ll check your menu within the next 3-4 business days. If we have any questions about your menu or your order flows, we will call you to clarify everything with you. When everything is alright, we will upload the menu to your orderbird register.


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