This is how you install your network and connect the printers

The package arrived! Then let’s go! Follow the 3 simple steps in order to install your network: place routers, connect printers and change the orderbird settings according to your needs. 

At the end of this article you can find some tips and tricks for troubleshooting. 


How does the network work?


Depending on the size of your business you received a particular amount of network components. We sent you one or more of these components: base router, cable-extension or wireless extension. 


  1. The base router - this type of router only exists once because it is the main unit of your network. You connect the base router with the router of your internet provider. The router is labeled with a “1” on the top. 
  2. The cable repeater - this type of repeater gets connected to the base router in order to extend the range. You can connect a maximum of 3 cable repeaters in a row. The cable repeater is labeled with a “2”. 
  3. The wireless repeater - cabled connections are stable and secure, this is why cabled connections are our preferred way of extending a network. In case you were able to convince us of needing a wireless repeater please make sure that the repeater is not further away than 7 meters and that there are no walls (especially glass) between the wireless repeater and the base router or a cabled repeater. Every wireless repeater can only connect to one base router or cable repeater. In other words: the wireless repeater is always the last one in line. The wireless repeater is labeled with a “3”. 


Here you can see how you install your network:

How do I make sure that everything is connected correctly?


Your network is fine if the following lamps shine constantly: 

Lamp #1

Lamp #2


and the following lamp flashes: 

Lamp #9


Please note: if you did not connect an internet router via cable, this lamp can be off. 


All other lamps are allowed to do whatever they want! 



What if nothing works or the lamps behave differently? 


  • Check all power and cable connections. If possible, exchange the cables to check if there is a defective contact. 
  • After that check if you are connected to the internet. To do so access the Safari browser on your Apple device and type in Your internet connection works if the page is loading. 


Connect to your new network and set the IP addresses in orderbird


  • Open the settings of your Apple device and select “Wi-Fi”
  • On the next page you can select the new orderbird network. The exact name and password can be found in your quick starters guide or in the package 
  • Open the orderbird App
  • Access the settings and go to “Printers”
  • Select the first printer
  • Select “Find printer IP automatically”. A new window pops up. Now you can see all available printers and their IP addresses. Select one of the IP addresses to select a printer. 
  • Now you can test whether you selected the correct printer. Press “Test print”. If the printout does not come out of the correct printer, simply go through the previous steps again and select the alternative printer. 
  • As soon as you are finished, press “done” and then save your changes. 
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