What if there is no paper receipt for an entry?

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: October 10th, 2023

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Let's go

Since no entry may be made without a receipt, you are required by law to create a so-called self-receipt if this is the case. This replaces a proper receipt.

For example, you need a self-receipt if you...

  • ...want to make a private deposit
  • ...have to note a theft
  • ...have to spend tip
  • ...make a private withdrawal
  • ...make a withdrawal for a payment to your business account

With your self-receipt you can also help yourself out if you have lost a receipt. However, this must remain the absolute exception, otherwise the tax office will become suspicious. Also, if you have issued your own receipts for unrealistic amounts, there will be reason for objection. In addition, you cannot claim input tax on your own receipts!

You can use a standard receipt block to create self receipts. Please note that the following information must be included on your own receipt:

  • Payee with full address
  • Type of cash issue or cash receipts
  • Date of expenditure
  • Amount of cash received or issued
  • Reason for own receipt
  • Date and own signature