Rights, Roles & Users

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: October 9th, 2023

In orderbird users are already preset for the purposes of illustration. There is Anna Admin, Tanya Team and Marc Manager.

Roles are also already preset (admin, team & manager). 

When you set up the rights and roles for the first time, then it is best to first delete all users (except Anna Admin) and rights. You do this by swiping from right to left across the role or the user.  

Next we set up the roles: 

  1. Go to Settings --> Users --> Roles 



  1. Let us assume there is a shift supervisor, several regular waiters and some temporary staff.
  2. Click on the + at the bottom right
  3. Enter "Shift supervisor" as the name of the role
  4. In the list that follows, select what the shift leader is allowed to do and what not, by moving the slider from left to right, you grant him the respective right 



  1. Now you create the roles for the waiters and for the temporary staff in the same way


Now we will set up the user:

  1. Go to Settings --> Users --> User



  1. First click on the Andy Admin and change the name to that of whoever administers your cash register. Give the administrator a PIN code that is easy to remember. At least one person must be an administrator. 
  2. Now go back one step ("Users") and by using the + sign at the bottom right add another user. 
  3. Now we want to save Tanya, who is your shift supervisor. Enter the name Tanya.
  4. Choose a PIN for Tanya, which you will then have to enter again. 
  5. Finally you choose the role for Tanya (shift supervisor)

In the same way you now save James, Amelia, Ethan, Lily and Eva.


If you have more than one waiter working with the same iPad, it makes sense to set up the screen lock. Along with the waiter's personal PIN, this replaces the well-known waiter lock. 

E.g.: Tanya comes to the iPad enters her PIN, books 2 cokes and rushes off again, without logging out. You can set it so that the iPad reverts to the login screen after a few seconds (see picture). 

And this is how you do it:

  1. Go to Settings --> Users --> Screen Lock 
  2. Activate the lock 
  3. Activate the time on the iPad and set the number of seconds after which the user is automatically logged out. 
  4. Activating the timer on the iPod / iPhone is not usually recommended as the devices often remain with one and the same user.