What do I need to know when setting up my Apple device for the first time?

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: February 22nd, 2024

One important thing: Always select the "Configure Manually" option when setting up your iPad/iPhone/iPod for the first time. Then in the next step, tap "Do not transfer app & data".
Please do not select the option to have your Apple device set up via an iCloud backup or do a quick boot under any circumstances.

Why do I have to set up the iPad manually?

This is important so that the orderbird system recognizes the new device as such and saves the sales data correctly. Setting up via an iCloud backup results in the new device being set up as an exact copy of the other device, and both devices are given an identical device ID (UUID). The orderbird system then recognizes the two devices as one, and the sales from both devices overwrite each other. This leads to data loss and system crashes.

What happens if I have set up the iPad via "quick start"?

This manifests itself in the following problems:

  • Tables disappear
  • Duplicate orders appear
  • Synchronization problems occur
  • Device-specific settings overwrite themselves. For example, the device-specific invoice printer can no longer be stored correctly because this setting is constantly synchronized with the secondary device and is therefore identical on both devices.
  • The secondary device automatically joins the shift when the primary device logs on. Conversely, it also automatically leaves the shift together with the first device.
  • Crashes of the orderbird app

I have already set up my iPad via "quick start". What now?

Only one thing helps: Reset the device to factory settings and set it up again manually.

  1. To do this, go to "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" on your iPad and select the option "Erase all content & settings".
  2. You can find more instructions on how to reset your iPad on Apple's support pages.
  3. Then start the configuration process and select the "Configure manually" option when setting up your iPad/iPhone/iPod for the first time. In the next step, select "Do not transfer app & data".

What other steps do I need to follow with a new device?

After you have started using a new device, there are often other things that need to be set up again. Here are the most common issues:

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