How to prepare for the KassenSichV 2020 now

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: March 4th, 2024

As of January 1, 2020, the Kassensicherungsverordnung (KassenSichV) (legal regulation on the fiscalization of cash registers) will apply in Germany with new requirements for your cash register. You are obliged to comply with the new technical guidelines and new requirements for cash management as quickly as possible. If you don't take measures in time and miss deadlines, this can be considered a tax offense and cost you fines of up to 25,000 euros. 

These are the deadlines

  1. The first and currently most important deadline for you: From 01.01.2020, the obligation to issue receipts (“Belegausgabepflicht”) applies. For each order, a receipt must be created and offered to the guest. You can print the receipt or create it digitally.
  2. Your cash register must also be equipped with a technical safety entity (TSE). You can now activate the Online-TSE for your orderbird register.
  3. The legislator also requires you to register the cash register. However, the legislator has postponed the reporting deadline. As soon as there are any news, we will inform you straight away.

Your next steps

  1. Make sure that the information about your business is up-to-date and that you offer your customers a receipt. You can find out how to set this up here: What does the obligation to issue receipts mean for me?
  2. Install the latest orderbird app Version 7 on all your Apple devices and activate the Online-TSE via A detailed step-by-step guide can be found here: How do I activate my Online-TSE?

Didn't the grace period get extended?

The short answer: Unfortunately, the extension does not apply to orderbird customers.

In July 2020, almost all federal states granted an extension of the deadline until March 2021. Although the decrees differ from state to state, they all have one thing in common: If a cash register manufacturer can offer an already functioning TSS, the deadline extension does not apply. Since orderbird has been able to deliver a functioning TSS since the beginning of 2020, orderbird customers cannot claim a grace period. 

For orderbird customers, the grace period has therefore already expired on 30 September 2020. Since it is the responsibility of the cash register operator to take care of the implementation of the KassenSichV requirements, we recommend that you activate the TSS immediately.

If you would like to read the various decrees of the federal states in detail, you can find an overview here: State information for download