#link How to update your Pay Terminal One

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: February 21st, 2024

Updates for your Pay Terminal One are provided for you automatically. You will promptly receive an email with the necessary information when a new update for the terminal is available and which steps you have to follow to ensure a seamless update.

After you have received the new update for your Pay Terminal One, be sure to perform a test booking. The update will be automatically installed on your device during the test booking.

When will the next update be available?

We will email you more detailed information, usually one week before the update. The first transaction automatically triggers the update, typically taking three to seven minutes, depending on your Internet connection.

What do I have to do after an update?

Two things: Make a test payment and then reverse it.

1. Make a test payment

  1. Wait for the time specified in the email before you start a test payment.
  2. Then open the orderbird app, start a shift, and open your orderpad to book an item.
  3. Now tap on the three dots to get to the payment options. In the new window at the bottom of the screen, select “Pay” first and then “Card payment.”
  4. Now the amount will be transmitted to the card reader.
  5. Your first transaction after deploying the update may take several minutes because the update will be installed before the transaction. 
  6. Now, the card reader will ask you to present a card. There are three options:
    a) Insert the card into the device from the bottom,
    b) swipe it at the top end, or
    c) if the card has an NFC symbol for contactless payment, hold it on the device. If you have an NFC-enabled cell phone, you can also pay with it.
  7. Now you have to authorize the payment. There is a little special feature for contactless NFC payments: no PIN is required for payments of up to €50. For Swiss customers, the amount is up to CHF 70.
  8. The payment is approved as soon as “Payment successful” is shown on display.

2. Reopen the bill

After you have successfully completed a test payment, you can charge the amount from your card back to your bank account. You can find out how to do this here: How do I reopen a bill?/ Wie stelle ich eine Rechnung wieder her?

After you have reopened the bill, you can void the booked item.