#links Questions about handling your Pay Terminal One

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: October 9th, 2023

In this article, you will find that the card number does not have to be entered on the Pay Terminal One to charge the amount. Also, whether the card reader can be used with several devices simultaneously, if you can resell the terminal, and what you can do in case of fault signals.

How do I manually enter the card number on the Pay Terminal One to charge it?

This is not required with our terminal. Other card terminals have this option, but are more expensive than our Pay Terminal One.

If you absolutely need this option, you can contact Nexi Germany directly by phone to get an alternative solution: 069 79224060.

How can I use my Pay Terminal One with multiple Apple devices simultaneously?

You can't. The terminal can only operate with one Apple device at a time. So, if you want to pair it with another device, just reset the Bluetooth connection on Pay Terminal One. After that, you can pair it to a new Apple Device via Bluetooth. 

What should I do if I get the message “Card reader is not connected via Bluetooth”?

Check this out: my card reader no longer connects to my Apple device! Mein Kartenleser verbindet sich nicht mehr mit meinem Apple-Gerät! If you still encounter problems after that, contact us:

Can I resell my Pay Terminal One?

No! The terminal is being supplied for you and your service staff (exclusively and simultaneously, very conveniently), so you can use it with orderbird Pay. You are, therefore, not allowed to resell the Pay Terminal One or make any changes to the device - whether to the software or the device itself.

I have an error message regarding my Pay Terminal One

Look at this page: Ich bekomme eine Fehlermeldung wegen meines Kartenlesers angezeigt.